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altThe bonde (tram) that travels from Centro up to Saint Teresa is the last of the original historic streetcars that once went thought the city. The bonde travels over the Arcos do Lapa and up Rua Joaquim Murtinho before reaching Largo do Guimaraes. From there one line takes a north-western route before terminating at Largo das Neves. There is a longer route which continues Largo do Guimaraes uphill and southward before terminating at Dois Irmaos
Although a policeman does accompany the tram on occasion, favelas still frequent it so be aware. Tours on the tram depart every Saturday at 10am, cost US$3.50.

Address: Station at Rua Lelio Gama 65, Centro
Tel: 2240 5709
Ticket: US$0.65


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