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Festivals in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Carnaval - Rio de Janeiro


Date: officially from the Friday to the Tuesday preceding Lent (Ash Wednesday is the close of the festival)
This festival is what you come to Rio for!

Colourful, extreme, wild – you could go into a long list of words to describe the most famous party festival...

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Dia da Fundacao da Cidade - Rio de Janeiro

Dia da Fundacao da Cidade

Date: March 1st
This festival celebrates the founding of the city by Estacio de Sa in 1565, with a Mass in the church of its patron saint Sao Sebastiao. ...

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Dia de Independencia do Brasil - Rio de Janeiro

Dia de Independencia do Brasil

Date: September 7th
Brazil’s Independence Day is celebrated in Rio with a big military procession down Av Presidente Vargas. Beginning at 8am at Candelaria, it goes past Praca Onze, north of the Sambodroma. ...

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Dia de Sao Sebastiao  - Rio de Janeiro

Dia de Sao Sebastiao

Date: January 20th
This festival commemorates the patron saint of the city. A procession carries his image from the Igreja de Sao Sebastiao dos Capuchinos in Tijuca to the Catedral Metropolitana. When it arrives at the Catedral it is blessed in a Mass celebrated by the archbishop of Rio de...

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Festa da Penha - Rio de Janeiro

Festa da Penha

Date: October and November
Taking place every Sunday in October and the first Sunday in November, this is one of the most popular religious festivals in the city. The venue is the Igreja NS da Penha de Franca, Largo da Penha 19 in Penha.  ...

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Festa da Sao Pedro do Mar - Rio de Janeiro

Festa da Sao Pedro do Mar

Date: July 13th
The patron saint of fishing is commemorated by the fishing community here. A marine procession starts at the fishing district of Caju and decorated boats proceed to the statue of Sao Pedro in Urca. ...

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Festa de NS da Gloria do Outeiro - Rio de Janeiro

Festa de NS da Gloria do Outeiro

Date: August 15th
The festivities for this event start at 8am and continue all day as people gather at the Igreja de NS da Gloria do Outeiro to attend mass marking the Feast of Assumption. There is a procession in the streets of Gloria and music and colourful stalls are set...

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Festas Juninas - Rio de Janeiro

Festas Juninas

The June Festival is considered to be one of the most important folkloric festivals in Brazil. In Rio it is celebrated in many public squares, primarily on June 13th at the Dia de Santo Antonio, June 24th at Dio de Sao Joao and June 29th Dia de Sao Pedro. ...

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