Visa Information

Requirements for a visa include your passport being valid for six months from date of issue, a passport photograph and your travel documents (or legitimate copies). If your don’t have travel documents then proof of financial support – such as credit cards and financial statements – are acceptable. The fee for a visa is reciprocal – usually between US$40 and US$60.

Another requirement is that you may need a yellow-fever vaccination certificate. On entering Brazil, all tourists must fill out a cartao de entrada/saida (entry/exit card). Immigration officials keep one half and you keep the other. Your passport will also be stamped and if for some reason you are not being granted the usual 90 day stay, the number of days will be recorded below the stamp.

When you leave Brazil, the immigration officials will take the second half of your immigration card. Make sure you do not lose this half as your departure could be delayed until officials verify your story.