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Public Holidays

alt•    Ano Novo (New Year’s Day): January 1st
•    Carnaval: Friday to Tuesday, preceding Ash Wednesday, February to March.
•    Paixao and Pascoa (Good Friday and Easter Sunday): dates vary, March/April
•    Tirandentes: April 21st
•    Dia do Trabalho (May Day/Labour Day): May 1st
•    Corpus Christi: 60 days after Easter, Sunday in May/June
•    Dia da Independencia (Independence Day): September 7th
•    Dia da Nossa Senhora de Aparecida (Day of our Lady of Aparecida): October 12th
•    Finados (All Soul’s Day): November 2nd
•    Proclamacao da Republica (Proclamation of the Republic Day): November 15th
•    Natal (Christmas Day): December 25th 

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