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General Information About Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Annual Temperature - Rio de Janeiro

Annual Temperature

Month    Average High    Average Low
January       33°C               24°C
February     34°C               25°C
March         33°C               24°C
April           31°C   ...

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Currency and Exchange Rates - Rio de Janeiro

Currency and Exchange Rates

Brazilian currency is the Reais. Coins are of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents and banknotes are of 100, 50, 10, 5 and 1 Brazilian Real

{loadposition currency} 


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Fast Facts - Rio de Janeiro

Fast Facts

-Location: Southeast of Brazil
-Dialing code: country +55 (Brazil)
                      city 21
-Emergency numbers...

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Public Holidays - Rio de Janeiro

Public Holidays

•    Ano Novo (New Year’s Day): January 1st
•    Carnaval: Friday to Tuesday, preceding Ash Wednesday, February to March.
•    Paixao and Pascoa (Good Friday and Easter Sunday): dates vary, March/April
•    Tirandentes: April 21st
•    Dia do...

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Rio de Janeiro History - Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro History

 The city earned its name through the ignorance of Portuguese explorer and sailor, Gaspar de Lemos. He entered the huge bay (that would become known as ‘Baia de Guanabara’) in January 1502 and, thinking he’d sailed into a river, named the area Rio de Janeiro (January River). The Tamoio,...

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Rio de Janeiro Residents - Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Residents

 The country of Brazil is a melting pot of racial populations: 55% white, 6% black, 38% mixed and 1% other. Rio de Janeiro is no exception with Portuguese, Indian and African lineages also mixing things up along with the immigration of Italians, Spaniards, Germans and Japanese just to name a...

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Rio de Janeiro Today - Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Today

 Rio continues to enjoy its status as one of the must-see destinations and is perhaps the most visited city in the southern hemisphere. The city is always buzzing with creative energy and development projects taking shape. One of these is the controversial Favela-Bairrio Project which aims to...

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Visa Information - Rio de Janeiro

Visa Information

Requirements for a visa include your passport being valid for six months from date of issue, a passport photograph and your travel documents (or legitimate copies). If your don’t have travel documents then proof of financial support – such as credit cards and financial statements – are...

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