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Transportation - Getting Around in Bahrain - Bahrain

Buses - Bahrain


As Bahrain is fairly small, it is not a hard place to get around. There is an efficient bus system connecting the majority of the towns on the island to both Manama and Muharraq (the main towns) and the fare is also usually cheap at 50 fils/ trip but understanding the system can be very perplexing...

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Car for Hire - Bahrain

Car for Hire

If you are planning on seeing many sites, renting a car is a good way to see Bahrain. Prices range from 10-20 dinar per day, but give you freedom to drive around the island.
Toyota Rent-A- Car
Tel: 17784042
Fax: 17789264

Mansoori Car Rental
Tel: 17293622Read More

Driving Tips - Bahrain

Driving Tips

Traffic signs are on hand in Arabic and in English.
Do not drink and drive as the punishment for this offence is very severe. Ensure that you hire a taxi if you plan on consuming alcohol.

An International Driving Permit is not necessary but is welcome.


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From the airport - Bahrain

From the airport

There are many taxis available outside the terminal, but they tend to overprice foreigners. Therefore, it is better to phone for a metered taxi service, which costs around BD 3 to the city.
Many international and local car rental companies are represented at the airport. Rental car desks...

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Taxi - Bahrain


Taxis are available 24 hours at the front of the terminal at the ground floor level of Bahrain International Airport. A 50% surcharge is charged on services after midnight.Approximate taxi fares to various parts of Bahrain are:
Manama- 2.500 BD
Seef District- 3 BD

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