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Festivals in Bahrain - Bahrain

Accession Day - Bahrain

Accession Day

Celebrated on the 17th    of the month, this holiday marks the country’s accession. The island nation of Bahrain celebrates yearly with fireworks, buildings are lit up and the royal portraits are put up on billboards around the country....

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Ashura - Bahrain


This festival is celebrated by the Shiite inhabitants of Bahrain, observed in memory of the martyrdom of Hussain ibn Ali. It is observed by others to celebrate the foundation day of the Holy Kaabah in Mecca. ...

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Bahrain Grand Prix  - Bahrain

Bahrain Grand Prix

Held annually since 2004, when the first ever Formula One Grand Prix in the entire Middle East was held here. It is a widely anticipated event in the country's sporting calendar. Crowds from all parts of this island and from all countries across Asia gather in vast numbers to watch the best drivers...

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Bahrain Human Rights International Film Festival - Bahrain

Bahrain Human Rights International Film Festival

This festival is held annually from the 1st to the 4th of May and commemorates Labour Day and the International Day for Press Freedom. This is a non-profit cultural event where films from around the world, (relating to human rights) are screened. This event promotes dialogue, the understanding of...

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Chinese Trade Fair - Bahrain

Chinese Trade Fair

This is a 4 day event that is held at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre. Chinese traders congregate here to display and promote their wares....

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Eid al-Watani - Bahrain

Eid al-Watani

Bahrain commemorates its National Day on the 16th of December, with parades, speeches, processions and other special events....

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Independence Day - Bahrain

Independence Day

This day falls on the 27th of June. Bahrainis celebrate this day with pyrotechnics, opera and festivities....

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Jewellery Arabia - Bahrain

Jewellery Arabia

This 5-day event is held in early November at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre. Stunning gold, silver, pearl and gemstone jewelry from around the Middle East is put on display here....

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