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General Information About Bahrain - Bahrain

Annual Temperature - Bahrain

Annual Temperature

1.    High
20 °C
2.    Low
14 °C
1.    High
21 °C
2.    Low
15 °C

1.  ...

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Bahrain History - Bahrain

Bahrain History

Bahrain’s rich history dates back from the early Dilmun period through the Islamic era. Archaeological evidence dating to 3000 B.C. shows that the Sumerians settled in the main island. In about 2000 B.C. it was known as Dilmun and served as a trading post on the course between the Indus valley...

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Bahrain Residents - Bahrain

Bahrain Residents

Though the majority of the population is Muslim, other religions include Hinduism, Christianity and even Judaism because of a large incoming of immigrants and workers from non-Islamic countries; India, Philippines and Sri Lanka. Bahrainis are known for their tolerance and the country has...

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Bahrain today - Bahrain

Bahrain today

Bahrain has progressed into a cosmopolitan society of religions and communities. With the discovery of oil in 1932 rapid modernization occurred in Bahrain. Bahrain has the fastest growing and also the freest economy in all of the Middle East because of its oil and tourism. In March 1999, King Hamad...

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Exchange Rates - Bahrain

Exchange Rates

{loadposition currency}...

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Fast Facts - Bahrain

Fast Facts

-Location Bahrain is an island in the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia lies to the west and is connected to Bahrain by the King Fahd Causeway. To the southeast is Qatar.
711.9 sq km
-Dialing code
-Area Code
-Emergency numbers

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Public Holidays - Bahrain

Public Holidays

  1    January- New Year’s Day1    May-Labour Day
16 December- National Day
17 December- Accession Day
1   Moharram- Islamic New Year – December *
10 Moharram- Day of Ashura      - December *Read More

Visa Information - Bahrain

Visa Information

Applicants must have valid, up-to-date passports and a return or onward ticket. A visa fee of BD5 ($12) is charged and can be taken upon entry at the Bahrain International Airport.  The visa may be a tourist visa,72-hour visa, 7-day visa, visit visa, business visa, family visa, dependent visa...

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