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Vienna - Austria
Vienna today
Vienna is uniquely known as a city for the young, the carefree, and the intellectually self-challenging. But this is just one of the many facades of this city. Vienna is a city alive with activity, dynamic, frolicking, and rocking. With independent ...
Vienna History
Vienna is quite an ancient city. It was founded around 500 BC as a settlement for the Celts. In the first century BC, Vienna became the Roman frontier city, guarding the Old Roman Empire against the barbaric Germanic tribes from the north. Vienna ...

Hofburg Imperial Palace
Has housed a lot of the people influential in Austrian history, including the Habsburg dynasty, and...

The Naturhistorisches Museum or NHMW is one of the important museums of the world. Here one can...

Vienna State Opera
One of the most important opera houses and opera companies in the world. Price of a ticket can be...

Augarten Park
Smaller park than the Weiner Prater, but unique in its own way. Home of the Vienna Boys' Choir....

Belvedere Palace
Complex of 18th century castles and gardens. Expansive spaces, truly magnificent views, and...

Vienna - Austria City Guide & Travel Information


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