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ImageTaxis are the ultimate option when you want to get somewhere quickly, and when price is not an issue. Fares generally start from around A$2.65, and increase at A$3.00 every mile.
Taxis offer special services, which include:
Sightseeing   Tel.: +43 (0) 664 - 16 24 24 0
Taxis for women
Airport Express
Taxi service for the hearing-impaired

For more information on the 3 popular taxi services in Vienna, namely 601 60 TAXI, TAXI-WAP, and Taxi online, please visit:

The individual websites of the Taxi Services are given below.
Please note that these sites may be entirely in German.
You can find details about the taxi services, accurate fares, and routes on these sites.

601 60 TAXI: http://www.taxi60160.at/

TAXI-WAP: http://www.taxi-wap.com/index0.htm

Taxi online: http://www.taxionline.at/index.php?status=redirected


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