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Levante (Turkish / Mediterranean)

ImageTurkish delights, the usual grilled meats, falafel and kebabs, plus Greek dishes such as moussaka and souvlaki and a limited range of pizzas.Prices are quite low, and this should be a good place to eat, especially when you want to get value for money.


1st branch:
Wallnerstrasse 2, A-1010 Wien
Tel: 533 2326
U-Bahn: Herrengasse
Open: 11am–11pm Mon–Sun.

2nd branch: Wollzeile 19, A-1010 Wien
Tel: 512 4721
U-Bahn: Kettenbruckengasse
Open: 11am–11pm Mon–Sun.

All major cards accepted


Website: www.levante.at


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