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Bayou (Now Blue Plate, American)

ImageBringing the taste of New Orleans to the city of Vienna, Bayou is the place you would want to hit if you fancy European food and spices with the flavors of Africa and America, staples such as Creole hot sausage, crawfish bisque, chicken jambalaya and seafood gumbo, alongside a weekly specials menu, yummy puddings (which include mango flan and pecan pie) and an excellent selection of well-made cocktails.
Good value, with a cordial and casual atmosphere.


Leopoldsgasse 51, A-1020 Wien
Tel: 214 7752
Website: www.bayou.at
U-Bahn: Schwedenplatz
Open: 6pm–midnight Mon-Sun, Sun brunch 11am-3pm.
Visa, Mastercard and Diners accepted


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