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Grand Hotel Wien

The epitome of modern technology and comfort, keeping the highest standards in luxury, style and taste, many prefer the seven storey Grand Wien to the more traditional hotels in Vienna. At the epi-centre of Viennese social life, it is located on Karntner Ring, walking distance from the Vienna State opera, the Karntner Strasse and the St Stephen's Cathedral.

It is the perfect blend of elegance and charm with caring commitment to personalized service. It boasts a stunning lobby. There are 205 luxurious, soundproof rooms and suites with all modern luxuries such as elaborate furnishings, refrigerators and beverage makers, heated floors, anti fogging mirrors in the luxurious bathrooms, free internet, etc.

The hotel boasts of two award winning restaurants and a Grand Cafe which also serves Arabic breakfast. The Japanese restaurant, 'Unkai' and 'Le Ciel' which is a combination of Viennese and French cuisine are the two main restaurants.


The biggest attraction for Muslim tourists to Vienna is that a Lebanese Chef prepares Halal food for Muslim guests at the Grand Hotel.


Karnter Ring 9
Tel: 01/515-800


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