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Festivals in Vienna - Austria

All Saints (1 November) - Vienna

All Saints (1 November)

This religious festival sees huge congregational mass services held at the major churches around the city....

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Cinema under the stars - Vienna

Cinema under the stars

Vienna's most popular film screening session in Augarten Park, this festival shows Hollywood classics, European and Asian amateur films, and also premieres of movies yet to be released worldwide. Lasting from the 28th of June to the 12th of August, it draws in huge crowds from all over Austria, and...

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Corpus Christi procession in Ebensee, Traunsee, Hallstatt - Vienna

Corpus Christi procession in Ebensee, Traunsee, Hallstatt

More carnivals and celebrations are in store. Singing, dancing, and music welcome everyone; from the elitist class to the humblest public. In other parts of Austria, some Corpus Christi festivals are also held on lakes....

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Midsummer Night's festival (21 June) - Vienna

Midsummer Night's festival (21 June)

Come June 21 and the sky is all lit up with magnificent bonfires to celebrate that special night of midsummer. ...

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National Day (26 October 1955) - Vienna

National Day (26 October 1955)

This day commemorates the day when the Soviet Union ended its occupation and Austria gained the status of an independent neutral country.

The day starts off with enthusiastic processions being taken out through the city streets.  There is a lot of informal...

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New Year concerts - Vienna

New Year concerts

Conducted by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, this is a concert of classical and lively yet nostalgic, orchestral music that is held every year on the morning of the first of January in Vienna. It is broadcast by television and radio networks to an estimated audience of around one billion in 44...

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Salzbuger Festspiele - Vienna

Salzbuger Festspiele

This festival takes place in late July and continues into August. A treat for Mozart lovers who get to hear plenty of his music....

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Shrovetide Carnival (known as Fasching in Austria) - Vienna

Shrovetide Carnival (known as Fasching in Austria)

This Roman Catholic carnival marking the return of spring is celebrated actively in German-speaking countries. There are many regional differences concerning the name, duration, and activities of the carnival, but there are always dances, processions through the streets, and masquerades....

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