Vienna Residents

Vienna has a truly diverse mix of people, whether they are classified on the basis of religion, ethnicity, nationality, age, or interests. Where you can find groups of old timers dozing off to the tunes of Mozart and Beethoven in a coffee house on a street corner, you can also find energetic youth dancing to heart-thumping electronic music.

The residents of Vienna are generally casual dressers, although a jacket and tie is usually worn to exclusive restaurants and smart, formal clothing is a pleasurable dress code for a visit to the theatre or opera.

Its residents are sober and formal, but with small doses of courtliness, polite forms of address and formal yet light dress attire, they tend to be equally modern and old-fashioned. Everyone from the waiters in a restaurant to a local who bumps into you on the streets is polite and pleasant.  Tourists are treated most hospitably; and people are willing to go out of their way or bend the rules a little if they feel they can do someone a favor.

This extravagant treatment is one of the reasons that many people enjoy visiting Vienna.