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Restaurants in Sydney - Australia

A Fish Called Coogee - Sydney

A Fish Called Coogee

This seafood restaurant is situated on a perfect spot a few steps from Coogee beach. Also, its wide range of seafood dishes brings back many returning customers and also makes lunch time at the beach much more enjoyable. A favorite dish among its customers is fish and chips.   229 Coogee Bay Rd...

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Arthur's Pizza - Sydney

Arthur's Pizza

This long-standing pizzeria is a favorite of families and students. Arthur's Pizza serves traditional Italian dishes prepared from scratch. Also, a welcoming environment and friendly staff add to its homemade style. However, if you want to wine and dine, you must bring your own alcohol. Read More

Bécasse - Sydney


Bécasse is an excellent choice if you are in the mood for fine French dining. Chef Justin North prepares excellent seafood dishes, so it is recommended you try one of them. However, if you want to amplify your taste buds, you can try its degustation menu that includes both seafood and...

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Bill & Toni's Restaurant - Sydney

Bill & Toni's Restaurant

Bill and Toni's very inexpensive prices (around A$15) add high appeal to the restaurant, since the design nor the food could be described as above average. Though the food is palatable, it would be more enjoyable to go in a group. The atmosphere and setting seem to lend itself to a large crowd. No...

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Billy Kwong - Sydney

Billy Kwong

This cozy little restaurant holds a powerhouse Chef that is sure to give your taste buds an Asian punch. Chef Kylie Kwong, who has also written several cookbooks, is known for her creative dishes which hold her original Asian fusion stamp. The only thing that may not reflect Kwong completely is the...

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Bodhi Restaurant - Sydney

Bodhi Restaurant

Bodhi Restaurant is very vegan-friendly, so vegetarians and health conscious eaters will be delighted with both taste and price. The yum cha is a must eat.   4 College St 2000
Phone: (02) 9360 2523; (02) 9360 1443 ...

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Chinta Ria The Temple of Love - Sydney

Chinta Ria The Temple of Love

This Malaysian delight is a great place to eat quality food without spending a fortune. Also, its attractive design and decoration (a large, colorful Buddha is its frontal piece) make it an even better bargain for your buck. Customers who often target this restaurant call it one of their favorite...

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Esat Ocean Restaurant - Sydney

Esat Ocean Restaurant

With a capacity for 400 guests, this popular Chinese restaurant is always bustling with people day or night. The biggest draw is East Ocean's yum cha, a dish where diners drink tea and then taste-test various foods.   421 Sussex St 2000
Phone: 02 9212 4198 ...

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