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Muslim Information in Sydney - Australia

Ahl Al-sunna Wal-Jamaah Association Musallah - Sydney

Ahl Al-sunna Wal-Jamaah Association Musallah

All prayers and Khutbah in Arabic, but occasionally in English. Address: 132 Haldon St, Kensington Tel: (02) 9758 3406...

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Ashfield Mussallah - Sydney

Ashfield Mussallah

Mosque in Ashfield. Address: 1/27 Holden Street, Ashfield...

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Auburn Gallipoli Mosque - Sydney

Auburn Gallipoli Mosque

Mosque in Auburn. Address: 15-19 North Parade, Auburn Tel: (02) 9646 5972...

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Bankstown Mosque - Sydney

Bankstown Mosque

All Prayers, Khutbah in English and Arabic. Address: 2 Winspear Ave, Bankstown Tel: 02-9707-4842...

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Blacktown Musallah - Sydney

Blacktown Musallah

Mosque/prayer room in Blacktown. This Musallah only does Friday Jumaah Prayer, and the Khutbah starts at 1:30pm in both English and Arabic. Address: Corner of Patrick and Alpha...

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Bonnyrigg Mosque - Sydney

Bonnyrigg Mosque

Khutbah in the Turkish Language. Address: 44 Bibbys Place, Bonnyrigg Tel: 02-9823-4126...

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Campbelltown Mosque - Sydney

Campbelltown Mosque

All prayers offered. Friday Prayers start at 12:45. Khutbah in Arabic and English. Address: 44-48 Westmoreland Rd, Leumeah Tel: 02 9820 2536...

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Caringbah Musallah - Sydney

Caringbah Musallah

All prayers except Jumaat. Address: 28 Frosbisher Ave, Caringbah Tel: 02-9525-6694...

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