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ImageThese vehicles can easily be booked by telephone or called on directly from their respective locations. All taxis in the city are blue, and all taxi drivers are dressed in uniform and have an identity card which they must carry at all times. Taxis are easily accessible from major points of the city, such as Flinders Street Station or outside hotels. The meters of the taxi are plainly visible, so you can monitor the subsequent changes occurring in the fare. It is only in the case of night tours that extra charges are required, and booking must be made in advance. Charges during the night vary from point to point.
For Further information or queries you can contact or visit: +61 03 9320 4360 or www.taxi.vic.gov.au. Some of the major taxi providing services in the city are situated in:
1 55 King street
2 212 King street
3 Flinders street station on Swantson Street
4 22 Bourke Street
For further accessibility information about Multi Taxi Purpose Program you can contact at: +6103 9320 4360
Website: www.taxi.vic.gov.au

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