Driving Tips

All drivers must keep in mind that all vehicles must be driven on the left hand side of the street in Australia. It is mandatory for drivers to wear seat belts and to carry their driving license at all times, otherwise they will have to pay heavy fines. Car parking is not a major issue in the city with the exception of peak hours. In such conditions, a suitable parking place can be obtained by paying a small amount of money (about $5) on an hourly basis. In the city of Melbourne, the trams share the same track as vehicles like buses and cars, hence special precaution must be applied when making a 'hook-turn', as failure in doing so can again result in traffic fines. In order to make a hook-turn, move your vehicle towards the left hand side and keep observing the far left hand side of the road. The orange light displayed by the signal will clear the road for the approaching traffic and it is at this time when you have the opportunity to make a wide turn towards your left.