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Festivals in Melbourne - Australia

Melbourne Art Fair - Melbourne

Melbourne Art Fair

The Melbourne Art Fair puts on view 80 of the most highly rated galleries from many countries across the world including Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, China, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. Held from the 30th of July till the 3rd of August,...

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Melbourne Fashion Festival - Melbourne

Melbourne Fashion Festival

Check-in to catch the alluring and glamourous episode of the avant garde fashion show. The event takes place for a period of seven days from the 15th to the 22nd of March. Featuring some of the most prominent fashion designers and models of the world, the event is one of the most eagerly awaited...

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Melbourne Fringe Festival - Melbourne

Melbourne Fringe Festival

The Melbourne Fringe Festival embraces a wide array of art forms where the performers spice up the event with their innovative and highly entertaining art works. The festival runs for three weeks; commencing from the last week of September till early October, showcasing some diverse forms of arts...

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Melbourne International Arts Festival - Melbourne

Melbourne International Arts Festival

One of the most significant festivals in Melbourne, highlighting the global art forms of dance, theatre, visual art and multimedia is the Melbourne International Arts Festival. The event is held from the 9th till the 25th of October. During this period, it attracts large audiences, who come to...

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Melbourne International Comedy Festival - Melbourne

Melbourne International Comedy Festival

This is a parade of perhaps the funniest people who will ever have the chance to entertain you, and you definately won't be able to stop laughing at their jokes. The event, organized in the middle of April, features, not only comedy actors, but artists from all around the world who provide...

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Melbourne International Film Festival - Melbourne

Melbourne International Film Festival

It’s a scintillating night where people from all over the world showcase their films alongside the locals. The event takes place from the 16th till the 22nd of July and features some of the most prominent documentaries and films acclaimed filmmakers of the world. The festival, which is organized...

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Melbourne Writers' Festival  - Melbourne

Melbourne Writers' Festival

 This festival will appeal to fans of great literature. Books written by world renowned authors are available for purchase, and various writing workshops are offered to the general public. The event, which is endorsed by the UNESCO City of Literature, is held from the 22nd till the 31st of...

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Meredith Music Festival - Melbourne

Meredith Music Festival

If you want to combine the fun of camping, and listening to the best underground music, then Meredith Music Festival is the right event to attend. Held on the 12th, 13th and 14th of December this event provides a highlight of the music loving temperament of the people of Melbourne. The festival...

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