Visa Information

The procedure and the subsequent salient features of application for Australian visa, as far as the residents of UAE are concerned, has experienced considerable alterations which have been promulgated from the 1st of July 2008. The prologue of new application forms will be corresponding information such as territory births, deaths and marriages and other records stated in the old form. People applying for the first time will have to fill new passport forms. Citizens of Australia will have to show their citizenship certificate and other documents to prove their authenticity. The validity period of old forms have ended in September and from now onwards only new forms will be accepted. The visa application form includes all your necessary details such as age, country, and email address. Some visa applying companies also allow online convenience through the usage of ETA service. The fee charged for short term visit visas start from US$29.

There are number of visas available for visitors this includes:
1. Transit visa
2. Business visa
3. Student visa
4. Tourist visa
5. Employment visa
6. Journalist visa

The important documents required when applying for visa includes
*    Completed Visa application form.
*    Photograph/s (not more than six months old)
*    Completed and signed checklist Passport
*    Documents as listed on the checklist.
*    Acknowledgement of deposit of visa fee, VFS administrative fee, and Courier fee (optional).
Applicants can send their application forms via courier services addressing to the Australian High Commission. These applications along with the necessary documents will undergo proper examination and analysis.   
Address of Australian Embassy in UAE:

14th Floor Al Muhairy Center, Sheikh Zayed the First Street, Abu Dhabi

Telephone: +9712 6346 100