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General Information About Melbourne - Australia

Exchange Rates - Melbourne

Exchange Rates

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Fast Facts - Melbourne

Fast Facts

Location: Melbourne is situated in the heart of the Yarra River, towards the north-eastern seashore of Port Philip. It was formed in the past by the merging of the nations of Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung.
Melbourne is located at the latitude 37 degrees 49 minutes south and longitude 144...

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Melbourne History - Melbourne

Melbourne History

Melbourne is considered one of the youngest cities of the world. It came into being in the year 1835 by the efforts of Tasmanian businessmen. The discovery of gold mines in the city attracted people from various areas to settle there, and eventually lead to the formation of Victoria, with Melbourne...

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Melbourne Residents - Melbourne

Melbourne Residents

Melbourne is one of the largest cities in Australia, as well as one of the most rapidly progressing cities in the world. The residents of Melbourne have a special love for sports, which reaches its peak during events like the Spring Racing Carnival, which attracts nearly 100,000 people during the...

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Melbourne today - Melbourne

Melbourne today

The city of Melbourne comprises of the epitome brought about by the amalgamation of various ethnicities which include those of China, Cambodia, Greece, Italy and Poland. Without the arrival of these civilizations the city would have been another colony under the rule of the British. It was...

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Public Holidays: - Melbourne

Public Holidays:

January 1: New Years Eve
January 26: Australia Day
Second Monday in March: Labor Day
March or April: Easter
April 25: Anzac Day
Second Monday in June: Queens Birthday
December 25: Christmas
December 26: Boxing Day...

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Visa Information - Melbourne

Visa Information

The procedure and the subsequent salient features of application for Australian visa, as far as the residents of UAE are concerned, has experienced considerable alterations which have been promulgated from the 1st of July 2008. The prologue of new application forms will be corresponding information...

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When to go - Melbourne

When to go

Melbourne is a city that is famous for having all four seasons in a single day, but the finest and most favorable seasons are spring (Sep-Nov) and autumn (March -May). The warm weather is ideal for enjoying the festivals and carnivals which happen around those times of the year. The dwellers of the...

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