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Brisbane Residents

Probably out of all the states in Australia, Queenslanders truly embody the Australian lifestyle of sun, sand, surf and smiles. And why wouldn’t they? A year-round warm climate and spectacular scenery lends much to their easy-going personality. In Brisbane you’ll likely find more cultured types but the easy-going Australian personality is still there. If you’re a sports fan even better, though the main game that is followed here is rugby – the 13 a-side working class version of the game. A lot of the residents share the mind of having the ‘Great Australian Dream’ of a house, a car, a dog and children and it shows in Queensland’s booming housing industry. Queenslanders, and to extent Brisbanites, are a conservative lot though attitudes have changed substantially over the years. Queensland has a large multicultural population with African, Chinese, Pacific Islander, European and New Zealand demographics, especially within Brisbane.

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