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Buenos Aires - Argentina
Buenos Aires Today
Buenos Aires is a hotbed of everything you can imagine in a city. Although it covers a vast area, most of the tourist destinations are concentrated within 5 inner barrios and these are therefore the most crowded. On weekdays, business people are ...
Buenos Aires History
Buenos Aires was not the first city to be established in Argentina, it was not used by the indigenous hunter-gatherer peoples as a settlement either. In 1535 however, Pedro Medoza a, Spanish aristocrat set up a port in the natural harbor created by ...

The Cabildo
The Cabildo, situated opposite the Casa Rosada is the only surviving government building from...

The Reserva Ecológica Costanera
The Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur nearby, is a picturesque garden, and an excellent alternative,...

The Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art
The Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art is worth a visit while you are here. It boasts a large...

Planetario de Galileo Galilei
Planetario de Galileo Galilei is a beautiful building that could give you an exciting evening’s...

The Plaza Italia
The Plaza Italia is the focal point of the suburb, surrounded by the zoo and the botanic gardens,...

Buenos Aires - Argentina City Guide & Travel Information


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