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Shopping in Buenos Aires - Argentina

A pair of Tango shoes - Buenos Aires

A pair of Tango shoes

A pair of Tango shoes can be a good souvenir, definitely for yourself or even a friend if you know their shoe size. Av. Suipacha has clusters of Tango shoe shops.  Make sure not to be too much of a tourist and find out some prices before you go. Excellent handmade leather shoes can be bought in...

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Alto Palermo Shopping Mall - Buenos Aires

Alto Palermo Shopping Mall

the biggest shopping centre in the city, also located in Palermo. It has a daring architectural design which is recognized by the International Council of Shopping Centers. Its mirror-like external walls reflect the buildings in Coronel Diaz Street and Santa Fe Avenue. It plays host to hundreds of...

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Bakú - Buenos Aires


This unique fashion boutique is located in the Las Cañitas neighborhood of Palermo, an expensive and high class area but the items in this shop are reasonably priced. Unique leather goods and jewelry can be found here. The shop is open Monday from 1:00pm to 10:00pm and Tuesday through Saturday...

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Bio - Buenos Aires


If you are holidaying on a budget and making your own food, be sure to visit Bio, an organic restaurant and food store. It's a great place if you are vegetarian or vegan to find some delicious snacks. All the constituent ingredients are known to have been grown or produced in Argentina. The store...

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Buenos Aires Design - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Design

This is a high class shopping mall entirely dedicated to interior design. A good place to find European quality furniture, antiques and house wares, it is centrally located in Recoleta.
Address: Avenida Pueyrredon 2501
Telephone: 5777 6000Read More

C-Disueria - Buenos Aires


This music shop caters for fans of every genre. There is some good Tango music available as well as CDs and tapes of old and new English and Spanish albums. Good to wander through if you are in the tribunales area.

Address: Corrientes 1274Read More

Cabildo Patio Feria - Buenos Aires

Cabildo Patio Feria

Cabildo Patio Feria is a lovely festival to go to while sightseeing in the Plaza de Mayo area. It is held on Thursday and Friday from 11:00am to 6:00pm in the small garden patio behind the Cabildo, or old city hall. You'll find lots of locally made crafts here, especially pottery, stained glass,...

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Falabella - Buenos Aires


This chain department store has the best in anything you want. Cosmetics, clothes, house wares, it’s all here.
Address: Calle Florida 202
Phone: 5950 5000
Website: www.falabella.com

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