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Restaurants in Buenos Aires - Argentina

Al paso Restaurants - Buenos Aires

Al paso Restaurants

When you are exploring the city, you’ll realize there are many al paso (walk through) restaurants where your meal is meant to be eaten quick, standing up or at a bar. This is good if you are travelling on your own and are more interested in Buenos Aires experiences other than food. There are a...

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Artemisia - Buenos Aires


If you are getting tired of all the meat on offer, don’t fret as there are some carefully hidden vegetarian places in Buenos Aires too! In the Palermo Viejo district, this little haven of home-cooked food is relief to find. Simple dishes, organic ingredients and polite and attentive waitstaff...

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Bar 6 - Buenos Aires

Bar 6

A complete restaurant offering the highest quality meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the late hours, it is also a cocktail bar. The atmosphere is comfortable and the wait staff is quiet and efficient; this is the place to while away a whole day.


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Bo Bo - Buenos Aires

Bo Bo

This is part of the Bo Bo hotel and a warm, inviting place to go for a relaxed dinner or lunch. Some Argentinian dishes are on offer, as well as some middle-eastern delights. Food is well prepared and delicious.

Cuisine: Mediterranean and Middle-easternRead More

Cabaña Las Lilas - Buenos Aires

Cabaña Las Lilas

An extremely upscale but proportionately (if surprisingly) comfortable place to eat. The specialty here is the steak and it’s not without reason that it is reputedly the ‘best place in Buenos Aires to eat steak’. The steaks are enormous, succulent, and must be tasted to be believed. They also...

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Club Eros - Buenos Aires

Club Eros

Only open for dinner Club Eros is the sparsest you can get in the area. The venue is a place for sports practices in the daytime but at around 8:00pm the tables are set out. There is little in terms of decoration but there is plenty of ambience when it fills up with hungry, noisy people. The food,...

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El Farol - Buenos Aires

El Farol

Go here to get the flavor of what a typical porteño likes to eat. There are large portions, lots of meat and some Spanish and Italian influences thrown in. The taste and quality of the food in El Farol is always superb and the staff tends to be jovial and talkative.
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Galerías Pacífico - Buenos Aires

Galerías Pacífico

The food courts in shopping malls can also be a cheap place to eat. At the Galerías Pacífico, you can find your everyday fast food, burgers, chicken and Asian food, but also some parilla places.

Cuisine: varied
Address: Calle Florida and...

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