The majestic Teatro Colòn

In the San Nicholás barrio stands the majestic Teatro Colòn, the opera house. It is a beautiful building and if you get the chance to see a performance, go for it by all means! The Renaissance-style building, designed by Italian architect Francisco Tamburri, has seen dancers like Vaslov Nijinsky and Anna Pavlova grace the stage. Bernstein, Strauss and Stravinsky have conducted here and Melba, Caruso, Callas, Pavarotti and Domingo have all sung in the 2,500-seater auditorium. The acoustics are highly regardedby these maestros. The central hall, the mirrored Salon Dorado and the beautifully decorated dome-ceilinged auditorium have guided tours running through them most days and they are extremely interesting. There are admission charges for visiting and the guided tours are hourly between 11:00am and 5:00pm.
Address: Libertad 621, close to the Plaza Lavalle
Phone: 4378 7344

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