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Muslim Information in Buenos Aires - Argentina

Centro De Estudios Islámicos - Buenos Aires

Centro De Estudios Islámicos

This mosque is located in the Caballito barrio and has a multicultural demographic.

Address: Rojas 9
Telephone: 1901 4624

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Centro Islamico de la Republica Argentina - Buenos Aires

Centro Islamico de la Republica Argentina

Centro Islamico de la Republica Argentina is also quite a large mosque and it located in Constitucion barrio. Services are in Spanish.

Address: Av San Juan 3053
Telephone: 4931 3577

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Colegio Argentino-Árabe - Buenos Aires

Colegio Argentino-Árabe

Colegio Argentino-Árabe is a mosque which is part of a university. It has a predominantly Arab demographic and services are in Spanish.

Address: Humberto Primo 2708
Telephone: 4932 5188

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Entidad Islámica De Hidalgo - Buenos Aires

Entidad Islámica De Hidalgo

Entidad Islámica De Hidalgo: Services are in Spanish and a multicultural demographic is seen in this mosque.

Hidalgo 805
Telephone: 4750 4111

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the King Fahd Islamic Cultural Centre - Buenos Aires

the King Fahd Islamic Cultural Centre

The largest mosque in Latin America is located in Buenos Aires; the King Fahd Islamic Cultural Centre. It has an attached library and is situated within some quite beautiful gardens.

Address: Av. Bullrich 55
Telephone: 4899 0201

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