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Hotels in Buenos Aires - Argentina

Alvear Palace Hotel - Buenos Aires

Alvear Palace Hotel

Alvear Palace Hotel, Avenida Alvear 1891, 1129 Ciudad De Buenos Aires
Telephone: 4808 2100
Website: www.alvearpalace.com

This hotel is an exquisite combination of European Elegance and modern convenience. It is located in the centre of...

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Arahaus hostel - Buenos Aires

Arahaus hostel

Location: Calle Mexico 1482 (second floor), Congreso.
Telephone: 4382 8375

This warm hostel is actually a converted apartment with nice comfortable rooms. It is centrally located in San Telmo where you can find antiques, artists and a bohemian...

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Atlas Tower Hotel - Buenos Aires

Atlas Tower Hotel

Location: Av. Corrientes 1778, Buenos Aires.
Telephone/Fax: 5217 9371

This hotel is excellently located on the famous Corrientes Avenue, in the heart of the commercial and cultural area of Buenos Aires. It is also very close to the subway,...

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BA City Residencial Hotel - Buenos Aires

BA City Residencial Hotel

BA City Residencial Hotel, Besares 1840, Nuñez
Telephone: 4702 5823.     

This unique Bed and Breakfast hotel is perfectly located close to the commercialized avenues surrounding Nuñez and the rest of Northern Buenos Aires, making it the perfect...

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Gecko Hostel - Buenos Aires

Gecko Hostel

Location: Bonpland 2233, Buenos Aires.
Telephone: 4771 0910
Website: http://geckohostel.minihostels.com/ This hostel is perfect for young travelers, students, backpackers, and those seeking to experience the wild side of Buenos...

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Hilton Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires

Hilton Buenos Aires

Location: Hilton Buenos Aires, Avenida Macacha Güemes 351, Buenos Aires,
Telephone: 4891 0000
Fax: 4891 0001
Website: http://www1.hilton.com/en_US/hi/hotel/BUEHIHH-Hilton-Buenos-Aires/index.do
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Hotel Bel Air - Buenos Aires

Hotel Bel Air

Hotel Bel Air, Arenales 1462
Telephone: 4021 4000
Fax: 54 11 4021-4070
Website: http://www.hotelbelair.com.ar/

There are 77 rooms in this hotel, eighteen of which are suites. Smoking and non-smoking rooms are...

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Hotel de Diseño - Buenos Aires

Hotel de Diseño

Hotel de Diseño, Marcelo T. de Alvear 1695,
Tel: 5237 3100
Fax:  5237 3137
Website: http://www.designce.com.

This new hotel is designed by the world renowned architect Ernesto Goransky. They offer five...

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