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General Information About Buenos Aires - Argentina

Annual Temperature - Buenos Aires

Annual Temperature

Month    High (°C)    Low(°C)
January    30.4    20.4
February    28.7    19.4
March    26.4    16.6
April    22.3    12.7
May    18.7   ...

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Buenos Aires History - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires History

Buenos Aires was not the first city to be established in Argentina, it was not used by the indigenous hunter-gatherer peoples as a settlement either. In 1535 however, Pedro Medoza a, Spanish aristocrat set up a port in the natural harbor created by the river delta. The Spanish then steadily...

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Buenos Aires Residents - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Residents

If you are travelling to other parts of Argentina, you’ll quickly find out that Buenos Aires is almost in a separate realm to the rest of the country. Argentines tend to resent or talk down about the porteños, because they are seen to be ‘upper-class’. In truth, Buenos Aires has received far...

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Buenos Aires Today - Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Today

Buenos Aires is a hotbed of everything you can imagine in a city. Although it covers a vast area, most of the tourist destinations are concentrated within 5 inner barrios and these are therefore the most crowded. On weekdays, business people are everywhere, with their expensive leather cases and...

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Currency and  Exchange Rates - Buenos Aires

Currency and Exchange Rates

{loadposition currency}  The currency in Argentina is the Argentina Peso (ARS) ...

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Fast Facts - Buenos Aires

Fast Facts

-Location: Buenos Aires (literally ‘fair winds’) is located on the southeastern coast of the South American continent. It is the capital and largest city of Argentina, which is the second largest country in South America and the eighth largest in the world. Argentina (from the...

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Public Holidays - Buenos Aires

Public Holidays

The weekend in Buenos Aires is Saturday-Sunday. Public Holidays are:
January 1 (New Year's Day)
Good Friday
May 1 (Labor Day)
May 25 (First Argentine Government)
June 10 (National Sovereignty Day)
June 20 (Flag Day)
July 9 (Independence Day)Read More

When to go - Buenos Aires

When to go

As Argentina is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are the opposite times to when is common in the Middle East. Buenos Aires is a pleasant city all year round but the peak times for travel tend to be spring (September-November) and winter (June-August). The snow sports, such as skiing and...

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